Beyond the Biologic Basis of Disease: The Social and Economic Causation of Illness:
An intensive course merging the topics of social and tropical medicine is now being offered by P4H

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“This course is a simply unforgettable, wonderful experience that encourages reflection and growth!”

 Physicians for Haiti was proud to launch its inaugural social medicine course, “Beyond the Biologic Basis of Disease: The Social and Economic Causation of Illness” in Haiti this past July.

This course is offered by Physicians for Haiti in collaboration with SocMed, an organization that advocates for and implements global health curricula founded on the study of social medicine. P4H is excited to expand upon SocMed’s well-established curriculum to focus on the specific situation in Haiti. The course aims to facilitate students’ understanding of their role in global health and social medicine, developing the knowledge and perspective to become the next generation of leaders in the global health arena.


Learn more about the 2014 course and apply here
Personifying the principles of Social Medicine, several students from our 2013 course are working on a project to make medical education more accessible for Haitian students. Titled Education Médicale Pour Tous en Haiti (“Medical Education for All in Haiti”), this program will provide scholarships to deserving students at the University of the Aristide Foundation while encouraging them to focus their practice on rural and low-resource populations.
Learn more about Education Médicale Pour Tous en Haiti here
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